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Why Rent From Us?

Renting an office from LouisianaRENTS.com comes with a few perks.

Business Consulting

The staff at LouisianaRENTS.com have well over 40 years of business experience and we welcome any opportunity to sit down with our tenants and offer our expertise. These free business consultations are one of the many services we provide to our tenants. Through business consultation, we hope to help our tenants achieve greater success in their business endeavors.


Also, when you rent space with LouisianaRENTS.com, our marketing team can be made available to consult and work with you as well. This means having access to low-cost digital marketing solutions like web design and social media management.

Exclusive Locations

Despite these other perks, the best reason to lease space from us is the properties themselves. We offer exclusive space in Monroe at the corner of Louisville Avenue and North 18th Street, and in West Monroe on Cypress Street. Both of our locations are prime for business with high levels of daily vehicle traffic. We offer fair and competitive prices on all of our spaces.

LouisianaRENTS.com is your best choice for leasing office and retail space.

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