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We work with our in-house web experts to market our property listings online. Listing your properties with LouisianaRENTS.com will grant you access to our sophisticated online marketing network. We utilize social media, search engines, and other facets of the internet to ensure maximum exposure and to target those who are looking to lease space. Our online marketing is designed to fill space with quality tenants quickly. This service isn’t strictly limited to our tenants and owners though, our marketing professionals provide these same online marketing services to any business in need. Contact Us today to discuss your business marketing or available properties!

Looking to lease premium commercial real estate? We’ve got what you’re looking for! We manage commercial space in great high-traffic locations. Our family friendly staff would love the opportunity to bring you on board and find the perfect spot for you in one of our locations! Contact Us today to find the perfect commercial space!

Our team members have years of experience in business management, marketing, legal and all other things related to running a successful business. We recognize that keeping active tenants requires the success of our tenant’s businesses. We want all of our tenants to be successful. We offer our experience and guidance through consultation to help our tenants succeed and reach their maximum potential.

Do you own commercial property? If so, you know the hassle and headache of property management. You know how time-consuming property management is. Remove that hassle and headache. We have an entire team dedicated to managing properties. Contact Us today to join our network and get your properties filled with great tenants!

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Interactive OIB Plaza Map